Building Extended Metaphors
Facilitated by Erica Nicole Cuscina
Location C 106

In this workshop, participants will be encouraged to and assisted in creating an extended metaphor poem (ex: My mother is a fireplace...). Participants will learn the purpose of metaphors/extended metaphors in poetry and will practice feeling comfortable and confident in their writing process and in sharing their work with a crowd (even when it doesn’t feel finished).
Poetic Service Announcements
Facilitated by Patrice Hill and Denisha “Coco Blossom” Bland
Location C 108

If you had a chance to tell your story city-wide in your community what would you say? Fresh off the launch of a city-wide Poetic Service Announcement Campaign, Sacramento Area Youth Speaks will offer a writing workshop that seeks to speak to the way poetry/spoken word can be used to educate the public on a vast array of issues through a poetic service announcement campaign.